Susan D.Grissom Fine Arts

Susan Grissom is an award-winning painter, printmaker, photographer independent curator, and Visual Storyteller. Working in mixed media, she incorporates gesture, texture, primitive symbolism and a strong sense of color in a modern way. One of her images has been used in a medical journal in an ad campaign thru an advertising agency in Sweden and her work is in many private collections.Susan began with a strong interest in Architectural Preservation and Restoration Arts, and worked in Siena Italy on the Spannocchia Estate through the Etruscan Foundation in the early 1980’s. After Italy, she worked as a decorative painter for over two decades. working both nationally and internationally in private homes. She was the Gallery Director and curator at the former Lionheart Gallery for over a decade and curated Art Show Bedford for several years.

She keeps an art studio at Firing Circuits in Norwalk,CT
Currently working on a short story collection and offers mixed media workshops.